This picture is property of Michelle Russell

By: Michelle Chabala
September 13, 2001

Terror struck from the skies
that fateful Tuesday morning
disrupting the lives of us all.
Just three days ago,
our biggest problems
were just trivial things.
Now that's forever changed.
Many innocent people killed
in what is to be
another infamous catastrophe
in the history of the world.
We will never forget
those heroes in the air
who went out in a blaze of glory
to save others on the ground
from being even more
innocent victims of that cowardly attack
on our country and its freedom.
All those forced to endure
needless pain and suffering.
Those who managed to survive
on that tragic date
will be forever traumatized.
Those who received the news
from the safety of tv or radio
thousands of miles away
were glued to the sets with horror
that such devastation could occur.
People all around the country
did whatever they could do
to help victims and their families
of those deadly crashes.
We shall keep in our hearts
all those who suffered
on that Tuesday morning
and people everywhere will always
remember the catastrophe
in which people throughout the country
pulled together as a nation
to defend our freedom.
May those who died that day rest in peace.