About me

I am happily married to a terrific guy who encourages and supports my dreams. Born on the seventh of June in 1976, I have loved performing for as long as I remember. One of my first memories is dragging around a toy xylophone when I was three and trying to plunk out melodies I had heard on it. When I was eight, my parents bought a keyboard for the family and my Mom taught us the basics which is what she remembered from her lessons as a kid. When I was in eighth grade, my parents paid for keyboard lessons for my brother and me. The instructor let us choose the songs we liked and had us practice those songs. Not only did he teach keyboard, he even threw in some voice lessons and some guitar. Unfortunately, I never got the hang of the guitar. I saw my first play (at least the first one I remember) when I as in fourth grade and fell in love with performing.

My very first onstage experience was when I was in fifth grade. My school put on a talent show where I decided to lipsynch to a song by the Monkees. When I got onstage, I experienced a severe case of stage fright and was not able to perform. Although I did not perform that day, that did not stop me from going after my dream. The school I was going to had both a chorus and a choir which I joined. In eight grade, I received an award from the choir for Most improved singer. I collect books with advice and facts about the entertainment industry. In 1999, I found out that a movie was filming locally that needed extras so I went to find out about how to be extras in the movie. Since a friend of mine was also interested in being an extra, we carpooled to the location and were signed up to be extras in one day of the movie's filming. Although we got sunburned from the long filming, it was well worth it to get a little experience under our belts. The only two things that sometimes cause me to have some trouble with my dreams is that I am allergic to smoke and I have a tendency to migraines.

There are a lot of things that I enjoy doing. I am not very good at some of my hobbies, but there is no law that says you have to be good at everything you like. The following are just a few of my numerous hobbies.
roller skating, ice skating, hula hoops, keyboard, tambourine, maracas, recorder, computers, photography, writing, and reading.